Team Setup

Create Your Team Page

Before team members start to register on your team, captains need to create the Team Page.  Below are a few of the more important steps to consider when creating your page.  Remember you can create your Team Page without registering anyone.  If you have any questions, let us know we will be happy to help you or even create the page for you.

Payment Methods

Who will be paying for team members?

Once this has been decided, team captains will notice a setup option which can be set to any percentage or dollar amount of the cost. For instance, if an organization is paying the full cost, the option is set to 100%. If its a shared cost, the option then can be set to whatever that shared value is. The option allows for a percentage or a monetary amount.


When Will You Stop Paying for Team Members?

If paying for your associates, then read this.

The next option is “When Will You Stop Paying for Team Members?”. You may input any date you choose but we have an override of April 17, 2020. At this time we will begin to bill you for your associates. Anyone registering beyond this date will need to pay by credit card checkout.

Paying for family members or friends?

Some organizations pay for family and friends of associates to join them. This options allows spouses and children to be included on the team with the organization paying for them. If you are doing this, make this selection. There are a few other selections you can make.

Advanced Options

Here you have an opportunity to create a custom url. This is useful for sending to your team members. The custom url will direct team members to your team page.

Note the “Allow Stand-Alone Non-Employees Registrations” option. You will want to check this option if you will allow family/friends to register at a separate
time than your own team members.

This option us useful when team a member registers themselves then goes home and separately registers a family member. If this is not checked, family/friends will have to be registered at the same time or on the same ticket as your team members. This is a control feature to ensure outsiders do not register on your team. However you as captain will be able to view your team roster. You will also be able to setup member questions which will allow you to validate the legitimacy of their entry.

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