Team Payments and Billing

We realize that every organization will have a different way to handle their associate registration payments.

Due to this, we have a number of methods to handle your team payments and billing.

As always we are happy to work with you to figure how best to handle your situation.

When you setup your team page during the registration process, you’ll have an opportunity to decide how to setup your payment and billing method.

Event Costs

Here you can setup how much your organization will be paying towards each associates registration.


  • Select a percentage between 0 and 100%, or a specific dollar amount.
  • When you select 100%, the associate will pay zero at checkout.
  • Anything less than 100% will have a balance remaining at checkout which the associate can pay with a credit card.

Cost Coverage Options

Here you can setup when you will stop paying for team members.  This step may be tied to your internal team registration period. 

Team members registering after the date you have setup, will have to pay for themselves.


Family and Friends 

Many teams like to invite family and/or friends of their assocaites to join them on race day.

  • Here you can setup whether you want to allow them to join your team.  
  • You can place limits on how many can join your team.
  • You can indicate whether you are paying for non-employees


Advanced Options

Here are a few important setup items.

  • You can create a unique team url.  Once setup you can share this url with your associate and they will be sent directly to your team page.
  • The “Allow Stand-Alone Non-Employees Registrations” is a control feature. If you leave it blank, a non-employee will need to register with an associate. If you mark it then they can register on their own.  This can be an important feature if you are paying for non-employees.  If you mark it, then it’s possible a non-employee not associated with your team can register for the event.  However, you can setup a team password and review your team rosters as a counter control.



We realize that handling invoicing differs with the various organizations taking part in this event.  We are happy to work with you in order to make the billing part of the event as smooth as possible.

If you are paying for any portion of your team’s registrations.  We will invoice once towards the end of April.

You will be able to pay by check through your Account Payable.  If you need to pay by credit card we can send you a link to pay online.