Team Payment Options

Team Registration Fees

$30 per person – Ends February 29, 2020
$35 per person – Ends March 31, 2020
$40 per person – Ends April 19, 2020
$45 per person – Thru Race Day (unless sold out)

Payment Options

We realize that every organization may have a different way they will want to handle registration for their team.  Below are a number of ways you can handle registrations.


Organization Pays the Full Event Cost

You will pay the full cost for associates to take part.  When you create the team page, set the “Event Costs” to 100%.  At checkout associates will not be asked for any payment information.  Their cost will be zero.

We will invoice you for your team costs starting on April 18


Organization Pays a Portion of the Event Cost

You will pay a portion of the cost for associates to take part.  When you create the team page, set the “Event Costs” to either a certain percentage or dollar amount of the cost. 

At checkout associates will be asked to pay whatever the remaining balance is for their portion.  We will invoice you for your portion starting on April 18.


Associates Register Individually

After creating your team, you have associates register individually on your team page.  Here you have two options;

  1.  They are paying for themselves.  After they register you have nothing else to do.
  2.  After they register, they turn in the expense for reimbursement

When you create the team, you will set the “Event Cost” the team will pay for each member to zero.  At checkout they will pay the full cost.


Prepaid Purchase

You want to prepay for a set number of entries.  Contact us directly about this option and we will create a special registration link that you can use as you will.

*This is a good way to fix the registration fee.  You will not be subject to the price increases.  Additionally we can add more entries if you reach your cap*

We will invoice you starting on April 18.

If you have other billing requirements, let us know.  We are happy to work directly with you on creating a solution that will work for you.

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